Roofing Sheet


From the last few years, the demand of the pre-fabricated roofing sheets has increased widely in India. There are many new factories and facilities now prefer to have a pre-fabricated roofing because it is not only fast to install, but also economical. The pre-fabricated roofing sheets are as strong as the RCC slabs and they also have a longer and extended life time and are able to sustain the extreme weather conditions. India usually is a hot country and for most of the times in a year, weather remains mostly dry and hot. The hot winds blow from different direction with very minimum moisture causes it difficult to sustain for any other ordinary roofing other than the RCC slab.

Have a look at the range of plastic roofing solutions offered by Raj Roofing Company below -

Decking Sheet

Roof Decking Sheets support the roof elements by providing exceptional strength...


Round Sheet

Round Sheet, Round Sheet, Round Sheet, Round Sheet, Round Sheet, Round Sheet...